Among the several different B&M Flying coasters, one remains the most unique.  Air at Alton Towers in the United Kingdom is a very different kind of flying coasters.  Most of the flying coastesr we see are huge monsterous beasts that make there guests feel as if they are soaring high above the ground and structures below.  However Air is very different.

Air is only 65 feet tall.  A relativly low coaster when compared with its similar cousins.  Another thing interesting about Air is its elements.  This design flips guests over onto their backs where they stay there for a good section of the ride.  This feature makes this coaster have qualities that the other ones do not offer.

So my question is, how come Air is the only coaster that does this “Fly to Lie” element?  Why didn’t the B&M designers push its design for other coasters.  While I have not ridden Air, I can say that with it’s lower speed perhaps it causes the ride to be not as forceful.

So what do you think?  Leave your comments and park thoughts.

Picture from RCTLounge Member Jaffa.