In 1982 Hurbert Gerstlauer a former employee of Schwarzkopf set up his own company named

“Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH” The company was mainly used to deliver electrical and pnuematic equipment to Schwarzkopf’s facilities.


After filing bankruptcy in 1992 Hurbet acquired part of Schwarzkopf’s old production halls and continued the making of amusement rides and roller coasters. Following the increase of sales the company was renamed “Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH” in March 2007.



G'sengte Sau -  Gerstlauer's First Roller Coaster

G'sengte Sau - Gerstlauer's First Roller Coaster


Gerstlauer’s first roller coaster was G’sengte Sau a Bobsled roller coaster at Erlebnispark Tripsdrill. After a instant success the company started coming up with their own designs including the ever popular eurofighter and their own version of the spinning roller coaster where the riders face inwards instead of outwards like the normal spinning roller coasters.


Saw: The Ride

Saw: The Ride



As well as building roller coasters they also build the cars for wooden roller coasters and a wide variety of flat rides. One of their latest developments is the Sky Roller which gives riders a unique flying experience.


Its pretty safe to say that for many years to come Gerstlauer will be coming up with many innovative roller coaster designs and bringing joy to many roller coaster fans!