We were privileged to be one of the first to talk to Ed Hart, the leader of the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Group. The group is the new operator of Kentucky Kingdom, the park in Louisville, KY that was closed down by Six Flags earlier this year. Ed was a key player in the 1989 revival of Kentucky Kingdom, and led the park to having more than 1.3 million visitors his last year in control in 1997.

You can find the Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Group on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

Some new details from the interview:

  • The park will reopen in 2012, if the group can get all the proper funding.
  • The new roller coaster will be built by Bolliger & Mabillard (exact details such as type will be announced later).
  • The water park will be doubled in size.
  • A dedicated parking lot for the park will be built that will feature free parking.
  • Prices of food will be priced competitively with outside food vendors to keep guests in the park.

Listen to the interview below or download it.