For you guys that don’t know, Mumbo Jumbo is a S&S Power El Loco roller coaster opening in Flamingo Land Resort, England. The rides main thrill factor is the fact that it will feature the steepest drop on a roller coaster, stealing the title from Steel Hawg, also a El Loco type roller coaster.

The roller coaster was built in an amazing five weeks, here is a quick summary of the construction:

Last week Mumbo Jumbo went in to testing stage ready for its grand opening on the 4th of July. This video shows the full Mumbo Jumbo layout of the ride and of course its claim to fame, the steepest drop on a roller coaster.  With 2 inversions and a g-force of 4, Mumbo Jumbo really packs a punch and in my opinion is a dark horse in the world of roller coasters.

This is my first ever blog post, I hope it reads well and you have enjoyed learning about Mumbo Jumbo. I will be back soon with more updates from the European realm.