Photo: Carowinds

Photo: Carowinds

Today, Carowinds held their much anticipated media day for Fury 325, the park’s new B&M gigacoater which boasts the tallest roller coaster lift hill in the world. New Park President and General Manager Mike Fehnel gave and energetic welcome to the extensive local and national media showing. Following a welcome and “FaceTime call” from North Carolina governor Pat McCory and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, the ribbon was cut on the largest B&M roller coaster ever built complemented by fireworks, smoke effects, and teal and purple confetti, certainly a nod to the nearby Charlotte Hornets. Media and guests then had their opportunity to ride. The seats of first 3 public trains out of the station were auctioned off to benefit the Cam Newton Foundation.

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Photo: Carowinds Connection member, Axel

Reviews from first riders have been stellar, with most praising the rides speed and forces through the first half and floater airtime through the second. Additionally, many mention the unique “sideways airtime” effect that can be experienced during the turnaround prior to the drop under the bridge. In general, many say that the ride is on par with Millennium Force, but the two rides are very different experiences. Others call Fury a “more comfortable Intimidator 305.”

A few great reviews:

Check out a few videos of the ride below, both a forward POV and a reverse POV with some members of


This was also the welcome ceremony for the brand new park entrance plaza and up-charge “Slingshot” ride. It’s easy to see Cedar Fair’s commitment to making Carowinds a premier thrill destination in the United States taking shape all around the park. At the end of the Fury opening ceremony Rob Decker, Carowinds’ Senior VP of Design said “our park will make a big splash” in August. Even more big things may be in the pipeline for Carowinds.

Photo: Park  Journey

New park entrance. Photo: Park Journey













Want to take Fury for a spin? Carowinds opens to the public this Saturday, March 28th.

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