In the last decade, various theme parks have introduced “virtual queuing” systems and up-charge skip the line passes. Parks with these tickets include Disney, Universal, and Six Flags. Cedar Fair remained the only major American theme park chain not to give-in. After new CEO, Matt Ouimet dropped hints on a visit to the park just over a week ago, Kings Island rolled out Cedar Fair’s first ever skip-the-line ticket Fast Lane. For $50 a person, guests receive a wristband that allows one to skip the line on ten popular attractions from noon to 7 pm. For the seven hours, guests have unlimited use of the wristband.

Despite others concerning that the system could be abused and allow large groups to take over a ride for hours on end, the system is very similar to Universal’s Express Pass ticket included with hotel stay. With that system, guests simply show their key and skip the majority of the line for their entire visit. I don’t see guests being able to abuse the system unless they are allowed to board before the regular line is, which would be absolutely terrible.

The question is now raised, will other Cedar Fair parks soon follow? Could we soon see Cedar Point offering a wristband that offers skip-the-line privileges for a vast majority of it’s 18 coasters? How would the system work out at smaller parks with fewer highlight attractions? There is no doubting that Ouimet is keeping a close eye on how the system does in Kings Island and assessing whether or not it should be implemented into other Cedar Fair parks.

Fast Lane is now available to all Kings Island park guests.  For more information on the ticket option, click here.  So do you think this is a good deal?  Will it help or hurt guests experiences at the park? Leave a comment with your Park Thoughts below.