Welcome to part 2 of my review of Disneyland Paris. Today I’m going to be focusing on the Walt Disney Studios Park. Over the past few years the park has expanded with the arrival Crush’s Coaster, Cars Race Rally, and The Tower Of Terror.  In this review I’m going to be focusing on the two main thrill rides, Crush’s Coaster and The Tower Of Terror and their ups and downs. Literally.

The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

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The Tower Of Terror opened in 2007 in the quickly expanding Production Courtyard. Many riders are not aware of the whole storyline but trust me, it really adds to at the atmosphere.

Once arriving inside the hotel lobby you are guided into a large elevator. The TV on the wall crackles to life and immediately sets the scene. Fitting in with the whole movie theme the pre-show announces that you are the start of this weeks Twilight Zone show and its your task to discover what happens in this mysterious service elevator that magically disappear at the 13th level. You then exit the elevator and arrive in a back passage of the hotel filled with boilers and metal pipes. Disney really goes to all lengths to set the scene here, that’s the real wonder of this ride.

You are then guided to your elevator where a ever so friendly attendant welcomes you in with a pleasant smile. He announces that your just about to experience the twilight zone, please hold onto your breakfast and lunch. Au Revoir. The elevator doors close and your in the dark, the lift slowly starts to elevate where you see several scenes of the story. You are first welcomed to the hotel lobby, then to the staircase where suddenly the visitors start disappearing. You finally reach the twilight zone, you see the last few visitors floating away in the distance where they enter the lift and suddenly drops. At this point your lift has reached the top of the tower and you know whats going to happen, the drop. One of the best effects of the best effects here is the opening shutters at the top of the tower which give you a brilliant view of the whole of Disneyland before dropping you back to the basement. This then repeats a few times before slowing down and arriving at the exit again. The door opens and your relieved to be back to normal life. Overall its a thrilling but short ride, i would say its not worth more than a 20 minute wait though.

My Overall View

Good points: Great atmosphere and a well presented thrilling ride.

Bad Points: Most of the storyline was in French which made it very hard to keep with the plot.

Overall Rating: 9/10


Crush’s Coaster


Crush’s Coaster may sound like your average kids ride but its most definitely not. Unusual to Disney Crush’s Coaster has a very basic storyline. Riders are invited by Crush to board a Turtle Shell and experience the East Australian Currents.

The ride starts with a short lift hill and then a small curved drop which takes you into the slow part of the ride where you watch Nemo and Squirt swimming around you. Disney uses new technology here to Coretta the atmosphere that the fish are actually with you in the ride. Two large digital video projection effects create this visual effect and make the ride even more fun  for everyone. After these short few scenes you are sucked up the lift hill, at quite a speed! You catch a glimpse of Bruce the baddie from the film before plunging into the Australian currents. From here the ride is your usual spinning coaster with of course the added sea effect. During the ride you fly through various reefs and fish seem to swim past you as you whizz round the sea bed. The ride comes to a sharp break run before progressing back into the station which is themed around a small harbour, nothing much to see!

My Overall View

Good Points: A well presented family ride.

Bad Points: Always long queues, very little theming in most places.

Overall Rating: 7/10


Thanks for taking time to read this, I hope you have learnt a lot and now one bit more wiser about Disneyland Paris.