King’s Dominion continues to work on construction for their 2010 Giga coaster.  The coaster will be the first Intamin Giga coaster in 10 years, and will be only the second giga coaster ever build.  Featuring unique track design which appears to replace the old three spine track.  Footers have been poured and supports have arrived.  Yellow and red is the color combonation, similar to the recently opened, Diamondback at King’s Island.  The track color is also similar to the new Carowind’s coaster project.

From my perspective, because of the land currently cleared, it looks like the project will be a larger version of Expedition GeForce.   However, it will be interesting to see an announcement, as once track starts going up, the park can’t hide the information for very long.

Here are some pictures from our friends at CoasterConnection:

The  stop at the back of the track, second row, makes me believe it is indeed transfer track.

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