Lurking in a Ghost Town of California is a bandit that bolts by you so fast you don’t know what hit you, a horse that vanishes into the twilight before you can say, Ghostrider.

Ghostrider is currently my favorite wooden coaster (haven’t been on Terminator yet).  On my most recent trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, I rode Ghostrider 3 times, each time waiting over an hour.   The ride may be what some call rough, but I call this ride ejector airtime to the max.  This is truly the only coaster I have ridden where the airtime almost hurts it is so intense.  I really, really enjoy this coaster no matter how rough it may be.

A mighty fine entrance Ghostrider has indeed.  Those brave enough to take on the mysterious bandit enter through a cave and pass outside by the pre lift hill track.  This provides for great photo oppurtunities and a preview of the thrill to come.  From there guest weave through several switchbacks on the two story building.  While there is some great scenery around the ride, in line the scenery is placed as wel as I would like.  Scenery can be found just outside the queue but with walls being on the 3 sides of the lower level of the building, you rarely ever get to see it.  I would much rather see the line weave through the scenery.  However none the less, guest have their choice of the front car, back car, or middle cars.  Every time I take the back.

From here, your train, either copper or gold, exits the station makes a dip towards the line and makes a 180 to the lift hill.  The lift passes right past the station which creates anticipation while in line as well as a sense of mystery for riders as they cannot tell what lies ahead.

A train slowly crest the top of the hill before it vanishes into the wooden mess below.   For those brave enough (or stupid enough) to ride in the back row you are immediately whipped over and down into the turn before you are heading back up a float airtime hill.  Rider come plummeting to the earth before once again accending towards the heavens.   Riders do a quick 180 before once again falling and coming into a huge 90 degree turn.  Up another hill before turning into the break run.

I have to say, this is the part where you relax, a slow mid course break run; how intense could this get?  Little did I know I was about to expierence the most insane airtime I have ever felt.  Truly when you make the transition downward, you don’t go with your seat and this airtime literally hurts if your safety restraint isn’t as low as possible!  A truly awesome sensation.

From here riders swirl around some more airtime hills, turns and twist before reaching the final helix into the break run.

As I approached the station, I thought to myself, wow!, and was left speachless.  Ghost rider is so fast, so intense, and so mind blowing that it just leaves you thanking you for your life.

Overall I think Ghostrider is a great ride!  I have absolutely no complaints about the layout what-so-ever as if it were any longer, you would lose your mind.  I think the theming could be better, but it is one of the best themed Cedar Fair rides so I defenitly look forward to riding this coaster again in the near future.