Our friends from eCoasters have posted a great POV of the new Anubis attraction at Plopsaland.

The ride is based off of  a hit television show and takes you on a wild journey in what appears to be a Egyptian themed train.  None the less, the layout is awesome.  So far, the manufactors of these types of rides, Gerstlauer, has created two different attractions of this kind with different layouts.  Both are amazing!  Not only are they simple and fairly family friendly but they are also quite compact.

I think there is alot of parks in the US that could use a ride like this.  Some smaller parks, like Idle Wild, Gilroy Gardens, even a boardwalk of some sort could use this attraction.  It isn’t meant to be tall and intimedating, just more subtle and exciting!

Imagine if you could add a short dark ride portion to this to build up a story before launching off into a thrilling layout with a concludin dark ride portion.  That would be the ultimate family attraction for small theme parks.

Thanks to ThemeParkReview.com for the pictures.

What are your park thoughts about Anubis?  Leave your comments.