54 Years ago today, a many bya  name of Walt Disney, opened a Magic Kingdom for all to enjoy.  Now today, July 17th, we celebrate the opening of this wonderful place.  Mr. Disney introduced us to a new world that he created, a world he called Disneyland.  With 5 magical lands, and so many characters to enjoy, his legacy lives on and his memory is not forgotten.

Twenty years ago today, Imagineer, Tony Baxter gave Disneyland a gift on its 34th Birthday; a gift that was an awfully splashin’ good time.  With singin’ frogs, dancin’ ducks, and a playful rabbit, Splash Mountain became an instant hit with guest.    The ride that opened in 1989 was a great addition to the park that required lots of preperation, lots of design, and a whole lot of Imagination.  Splash Mountain turns 20 today and has been entertaining riders the entire time.

So today we celebrate these two magical Birthdays, as well as another, Happy Birthday to RCTLounge member Marco.

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