This is going to fun.  It is is going to be wooden roller coasters and beautiful hand carved carousels.  It is going be vintage, mechanical contraptions, and a bunch of rides they don’t make anymore.  It is going to be a lot of the reasons why you come to an old amusement park.

Those are the opening words to one of my favorite roller coaster TV specials.   A special that is about the classic parks and attractions that we know and love, the rickety old rides that we think will far apart, the rides that make new memories, and bring back old memories of the past, they are a good old amusement park.

In this 5 part TV special you can find all sorts of different rides and attractions found in the world of vintage amusement parks.  Included parks are Rye Playland, Kennywood, Cedar Point, Idlewild, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and many, many more.

Lots of great rides that are under appreciated by the amusement park community, lots of things that remind you of what a great attraction truly is.  Not every good ride is a tall and fast steel monster, sometimes a good ride can be as simple as a train ride through storybook land or a small wooden roller coaster.

So if you are ready for a blast from the past, a trip to the land of the nostalgic, and a journey with a whole lot of fun, take the time to check out these great TV special:







Thanks to YouTube member WoogityBoogity20 for post these great videos.

So slow down at take a ride on the old wild side.