Last year, construction had just begun on what was believed to be a Mack River Battle attraction that would go in the Tom Sawyer’s landing area of Silve Dollar City.  However, the park confirmed that it would follow Dollywood’s lead and would not open the ride due to the economoy.   Will the park build it for the 2010?

Here is a concept rendering of the new splash battle attraction:


Tom and Huck’s river battle appears to have been an extrememly interactive epierence.  You can see in the top left that there would be quite a few docks and trails that led to water canons that guest could interact with.  Making this ride a true splash battle which is different then some of the other versions which are just trying to hit targets.   I must admit that this attraction looks like a beauty; great theming, and the landscaping is perfect, very Silver Dollar City like.   If the ride shapes up to be like the concept renderings, I think we will have a hit among guest in our hands.

Since the a Screamscape source said it is delayed a year, some people like myself are not sure because the park made no official announcement.  Not even a hint or any kind of leak.  However, I do suppose that you wouldn’t announce a ride just to say that it is delayed, but I am excited for this new addition as it looks like it will be very fitting to the park’s atmosphere.