Six Flags, Great America his home to one if Six Flags’ newest and best themed attractions.  Buccaneer Battle is a Mack Splash Battle that takes you through the life of a pirate in a exciting pirate battle.

Guest board on to their ships and head out of the castle fort and into the high seas.  But beware as other pirates are blasting their canons at their own ship.  Other things are to be watched out for as a giant squid wants to have you for dinner.

Honestly, this is a great attraction.  Not only is it fun for all members of the family, but the theming is phenomenal.  It is clearly a Universal quality attraction and with some minor changes, could fit nicely in a Disney park also.  If more Six Flags parks got a splash battle with their own theme, like a water transportation machine, or a raft, or even a jungle boat, their are so many possibilities to make this attraction unique and fun in all the Six Flags parks.

Park Thoughts reader, Egypt2112 grabbed some great pictures from right after the opening!

What a great addition to the park!  If Six Flags build more themed rides with this quality, the company is looking up in my book.

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