Cedar Point is not only a great amusement park, but it also has a fabulous website.  The website the design is fairly simple and has quite an easy layout also.   Lots of information, video, photos, and more can be found on the site for just about every aspect of the park, you can even find the menu to every restaurant that is owned and operated by Cedar Point, quite impressive for a theme park website.

On the home page, you can see a slideshow of all the news about the park, like Christmas in July, the highwire act, and so on.  When you select the “Rides” category under “Inside the Park”, you can select what type of ride you are looking for then get a list of all the rides under that category with a short description and ride photo.  My personal favorite part is that on all of the pages for the roller coasters, you can find detailed information, trivia, facts, POV video, off ride video, and alot more!  Cedar Point dot com may just be my favorite website by a theme park.

Also on the website is an excellent park run blog called on point.  Cedar Point often does updates on this blog to feature some of the news of their most exciting changes or additions for loyal fans.  Again, the park pulled it off because On Point is a fantastic blog with relatively frequent updates and lots of interesting information that many park fans never knew about.

Overall, the easy to use navigation, in depth information, simple web design, and an overall charming feel make me feel that this website is a canidate for the best theme park website.  It is fun just to scroll through it sometimes and read through the ridership numbers and design facts.  So check it out at CedarPoint.com