The newest addition to Knott’s Berry Farm’s collection of coasters is Pony Express.  Opened in 2008, the Zamplera MotoCoaster has unique cars, that allow riders to straddle their very own “horses” as they are launched into a fun and exciting roller coaster adventure!   Horses zip around the terrain and trees, gallop through tunnels, and leap over hills in a great family expierence.

Riders first walk into the wooden queue as they accend up a ramp towards the station.  From here they choose their row and get ready to board their own horse.  While in line, it is fun to watch how the trains operate.  When the train switches from ride position to station position, the harness all move back automatically and ramps on the back of the car flip down to create a safe walking area for exiting and entering guest.  Once in position, the leg bars are locked in place and the back restraint comes up.  Be sure to move your body pretty upright or you will be pinned between the horse and the harness.

Once ready, the heard of horses gallops onto the launch track and wait before an employee on says a speil and you are launched.  Unfortunately, the launch isn’t to intense and is quite slow in the begging.  However, you do gain speed and are thrown over the first turning hill before heading back down towards the railroad tracks.  Riders’ horses climb up a hill before winding back down towards the queue area.  *Flash*, and your photos are taken.

Horses wind through the trees before speeding through a tunnel.  In the tunnel the voices of the riders screaming is echoed and blasted back into the rider’s ears.  Before you know it, the horse themed train flies out of the tunnel and up yet another hill.  Unfortunatly this hill is the last and the ride reaches the break run.  Slowly, you creep down the break run before heading past the transfer track and returning to the station.

Pony Express is a great attraction to add to Knott’s diverse list of roller coaster.  Pony Express fits right in with its fellow family coasters, Jaguar, Montezuma’s Revenge, and Sierra Sidewinder.  While the ride isn’t to fast, or thrilling, or tall, it is just the right size to allow fun for the whole family.

My biggest complaint about the ride is the position.  Since I am used to Zamplera’s Disco model, I knew how to manuever around the restraint system so it wasn’t as painful, unfortunately, my friends did not hold this knowledge.  So there chest were pinned against the horse, not a comfortable expierence.  It would be much nicer if the poitioning was more up right.  However either way, I don’t find it that uncomfortable.

I personally think that Knott’s made a great decision by including Pony Express into their family of rides.  While I wish the ride was longer and winded through Big Foot Rapid’s area, close to the ground, the layout is still good and the ride is worth a 20-30 minute wait.  If you are at Knott’s you should check out this fun little ride.

Both images copy right Knott’s Berry Farm