As you may have already noticed, the current poll is “What is your favorite coaster in Las Vegas?”  Well lets take a look at the different coasters found in the Las Vegas area.  Since I have ridden all of these coasters also, I will give my own personal thoughts.


Image From cpearl

Image From cpearl

Built: 1994

Height: 225′

Speed: 80 mph

Location: Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino

My Thoughts:  Desperado is a high speed exciting thrill coaster.  There is no doubt that you go fast on this ride, I was sceaming and got flies in my mouth one time.  While a bit rough, the ride wraps around the outer part of the casino before heading back towards the parking lot, and through the log flume area.  Easily my favorite coaster in Las Vegas.


Image From RayNYC

Image From RayNYC

Height: 224′

Speed: 70 mph

Location: Nascar Cafe at the Sahara Resort and Casino

My Thoughts:  While fast and fun, the ride is just too short.  I do enjoy going backwards on this one, but the cars really need to be updated to the newer lap bar system as that would make the experience just far more exciting.  Maybe, my least favorite coaster is Las Vegas.

Roller Coaster (Manhattan Express)

Image from recgambler

Image from recgambler

Height: 203′

Speed: 67 mph

Location: New York, New York  Hotel and Casino

My Thoughts:  My first ride, back in 2005, was horrific.  I have to say now though, the new trains make a  huge difference.  Not only are they very pretty, but they make the experience much more enjoyable.  If I had to pick either this or Speed, no doubt it would be this.  Roller Coaster is just a more thrilling ride.

Canyon Blaster

Image From Butterbean Boy

Image From Butterbean Boy

Height: 94′

Speed:  41 mph

Location: Circus Circus Adventuredome

My Thoughts:  While it is the smallest, the lay out is the most versatile.  Also, the ride comes with the park admission, which is far better then paying $20 for just one ride as appose to $20 for unlimited rides on all the attractions in the park.  While the layout is mostly smooth, the corkscrews hurt.  Maybe my least favorite coaster in Las Vegas.  But, if you want to spend some time riding coasters in Las Vegas, go to Circus Circus Adventuredome.

Thanks for reading!  Leave your comments and park thoughts.