With Big Bad Wolf on its way out, that leaves a huge plot of land left of the gone Drachen Fire and Big Bad Wolf, this is indeed big enough for not just a new coaster but a new land.  Which leads me to believe that the previous rumors as reported by ScreamScape are very likely.  With all the land available I don’t see why the park wouldn’t take the oppurtunity and go in for a big expansion.

First off you, Spain is a major country that is left out of the Busch Gardens Europe family of countries, so I again see this new land coming soon.  Not only is the land left out of the group of well known lands, but also, the land has been rumored for a long time.  Again, the closure of Big Bad Wolf seems like not an act of saving money, but more like an act of pumping in more money.

With the park’s obsession with B&M being so clear, it seems natural that Spain will feature a big time B&M has they recently added a kid friendly coaster that can take the place of Big Bad Wolf.  With that done, I am convinced that the new B&M will be a Flyer.  Not only is it totally unique to the park and area for that matter, but it would be big competetion for the up coming King’s Dominion coaster.

This leads me to my last reasoning, King’s Dominion.  With King’s Dominion clearly getting a massive coaster of some sort, I am sure that BGE got word and right away made big plans to keep Busch Garden’s Europe on the map.

None the less, it will be very interesting to see how the coming weeks, months, and even years play out with Busch Gardens Europe.  If it is anything really big, for the near future, expect to see land clearance in the coming months.

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