Usually, your typical theme park website isn’t all that exciting and is filled with a few 10 year old photos, tidbits of information, and if you are lucky a couple of videos.  However, there are some websites out there are fun for even coaster enthusiast like us!  These websites are hard to come across but are a true gem to find when you can get to them.  Lets take a look at some of my favorites:

Just recently launched, this is the only official website run by real Walt Disney Imagineers. is essentially an online Blue Sky Cellar.  And any Disney park enthusiast needs to check out the Blue Sky Cellar, as it is filled with artwork, models, and videos of what is to come in Disney’s California Adventure Park’s future.

Once you enter the site, this loading icon appears.  It has to be the best theme park loading icon out there.  It sure is the best I have ever seen from a theme park.  Very clever.

Blue Sky Cellar online, as I like to call it, also features a gallery of different videos and concept renderings showing off what is in store for the park.  Available here is quite a bit of what is available in the previous version of the Blue Sky Cellar as well as some new stuff.

Busch Garden’s Europe has just updated their upcoming Christmas Town’s event’s website.  Now it features a great intro video as well as some fun interactive elements.

As you can see, the website lives up to its name as it has a very nice, and charming “Christmas Town” home page with a beautiful Christmas tree, music playing, and even little carolers.

Also, the new website has an interactive map.  Notice how the only coaster labeled here is Griffon.  From what I have heard, it will be the only coaster open and will only be open if weather cooperates.  The rest of the coasters will be down for rehab.

While it is an old, site, I still like to to and explore it every once in a while.  It features lots of videos, information, and photos.  It even shows off a nice theme.

One of my favorite features on the website is this little diagram.  It shows you the order of the construction and how it will look like in a great 3 dimensional way with cars running on it.  Very fun to look at as it gives you an indepth look at the construction process.

Also found on the website is many other little interactive elements.  One of them here, is you get to see renderings of the trains in each of their 3 different colors.  It is just fun to play around with.

Tower of Terror is by far my favorite site.  Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror has the most complex story and is easily the best as far as theme goes.  That is clearly carried over throughout the entire site.

Even the loading bar is incredibly well done. Notice how the architectural theme is carried out the entire time

The website is a story.  So I don’t want to give anything away.  I had only heard about it and never took the time to explore it but when I went to the website I found myself spending over an hour on it.  It is so incredible.

Thanks for reading.  Leave your comments and park thoughts!  Leave more links to what you think are incredible official theme park sites.