For any fan of Carowinds, 2010 is coming closer and closer.  And currently, it is a race to see what the new coaster will be.  The official announcement is August 26, 2009 for this new project but the park has already been highly publicizing the park’s future attraction.

As Ethan reported several days ago, a logo for Carowind’s called “White Lightnin” was leaked on to the web and the current bill boards and videos both show a racing theme that is conveyed in the logo as well.  It appears that this logo is legit and not some enthusiast knock off.

Personally, I think we are seeing some sort of new element coming onto the old B&M hyper design.  I am still baffeled by this “Record Breaking” statement as it is posted on the boards.  Their are few B&M’s that hold records, so it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

What do you think about this new coaster/project?  Leave your comments and park thoughts!