The Wizarding World’s of Harry Potter have been under construction for quite some time now but little was known about the land.  Island’s of Adventure management was smart in not announcing the opening date to prevent thousands of fans traveling from hundreds of miles away to be disapointed by the delay of the land’s opening.  Luckily Orlando Sientenial as well as some of my own sources have some information of what are some details of the land based on the famous book collection.

Once open, the 20 acre area will consist of several different buildings with the centerpiece being the massive 150 foot tall Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Hogwarts can be seen in the background of the picture above and will house the main attraction of the new land.  However the streets of Potterland will be what is known as Hogsmeade Village.  This old european town is often noted in the book and movies and will create a forced perspective effect on Hogwarts Castle.  Interesting considering that just a few miles away, there is another town using forced perspective on their own castle…

As for the signature attraction the Orlando Sentienal has some information on the basics of the ride.  However these basics are still more then what was previously known about the ride:

Several people familiar with the project, including one person directly involved, said the ride will be what’s known as a “robocoaster” — a ride system in which guests sit in seats suspended from a robotic arm that can swivel and swoop in multiple directions while it advances along a track.

Plans show the track snaking through more than a dozen scenes, though what those scenes will be remains a mystery. The attraction, according to the people familiar with it, will also feature an elaborate pre-show queue with special effects such as floating candles and snow falling indoors.

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From what I have gathered, one of the scenes is the Chamber of Secrets.  My source also stated that the Basilisk will be part of the ride.  I do not know if it will be part of this scene or not.  Again, my source is creditable but changes may have been made since I recieved this information.

While there will be unique shops and restaurants featured in the new area, of course there will be the common nessceties but with a twist.  Stroller parking will be themed, lockers will be stylized to match their surroundings, and much more that has yet to be announced.

With Dueling Dragons and Flying Unicorn both set to begin their retheming in the coming months, it will be great to see how all of this plays out to create what is turning out to be one heck of a land!

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