Freestyle Music Park may lack a few things at the moment but entertainment is not one of them.  On the parks new YouTube channel, you can find short video segments from all of the park’s entertainmentment offerings.  I have to say that from the videos I have seen, they all look very cool.  Each one has its own unique attributes that make it different from the others.  Lets take a look:

Ice Cold Country

Located in the Country USA section of the park, this indoor Ice Skating Show features various stunts, great country music, and incredible effects.  I have to say that this show seems to be put together much more nicely then Cedar Fair’s Endless Summer on Ice performances at various parks.  The sparks effect is really cool and some of the flips just look incredible!  Wow!  This show looks spectacular.

Flip 5

Kids in America’s main show is Flip 5.  While it is made for kids, the show does look really cool.  Their are tons of stunts for adults and teens to watch and while the music is a bit, Kidz Bopish, overall the show looks very nice.  I am sure that when the show is packed, that the interactive element is a hit with guest as they don’t seem to go over board on it.  If I were to spend a day at the park, this would be on my list of things to do.

CSI: Live

I still do not understand what CSI has to do with a music themed park.  However, the show does look much nicer then Six Flags Magic Mountain’s, but that isn’t staying much.  Not only does the set look really underwelming, but it seems like it is a bad magic show with a small cast and little action.  I would rather have a magic show themed to rock music with a couple of assistants.    This show looks very mediocre.

Adrenaline Rush

WOW!  In Myrtle’s Beach this show is everything that All Wheels Extreme (California’s Great America) should have been.  Not only to the performers interact much more with the audience but they actually grind, skate, and do all sorts of stunts on the rails for the show!  While it may not have the best story or stunts, everything is very up close and personal which makes this show look awesome!

Kiss the Sky

At 7 1/2 minutes, the show is a bit on the short side but it does sure look like it packs a punch.  What a great way to end a night at any theme park.  The fact that Freestyle Music Park even offers this every night is incredible.  Clearly the park wants to always have something to offer at night.  Not quite Disney quality, but very good fireworks for amusement park standards.

So what do you think?  Leave your comments and park thoughts!