Efteling is a wonderful theme park and is home to several true themed rides.  One of them is Dream Flight; a spectacular suspended dark ride that takes you through a world of fairies, gardens, trolls, and so much more. I don’t find many things to be truly Disney quality, heck some of the things Disney has built lately aren’t even Disney quality, but this is just amazing.  What a ride.

Dream Flight begins with a lift off into a fairy tale forest.  Dozens of fairies are flying around in this beautiful garden and while they don’t have too much movement, the movement is fluent enough to where it is dazzling.  Vines and flowers hang down from the tree tops and even a troll king laughs away on his beautiful thrown.  In the back ground you can see a group of fairies circling almost dancing and there is just so much too look at in this first showroom.  Not to mention that the music is marvelous and really does set the mood for the ride.

Riders then travel through a star filled tunnel before exiting into the night sky.  Riders fly high above the earth as they circle a kingdom in the heavens.  All the details throughout this section are executed in a great way therefore you know that it took a lot of though and effort to create.  Also in this scene, the music changes to a more upbeat tone.

Dream Flight concludes as riders go through a downward helix in the middle of the nightly rain fall.  As they are in the troll covered forest, they can look below and see small creatures dancing around in the pond and fallen logs of the mighty forest.  What a conclusion to an amazing attraction.

Wow, talk about breath taking.  Dream Flight is a must see attraction at Efetling and if any of our readers have ridden it, I would love to hear from you.  Leave your comments and park thoughts.  Thanks for reading.