Today is a tragic day as a park guests tragically died after riding the park’s coaster Firehawk.  All of us at Park Thoughts have our hearts out to the families and hope the best of wishes.

MASON, Ohio (BNO NEWS) — A passenger died after riding the Firehawk roller coaster at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio on Saturday afternoon, a spokesman told BNO News.

Kings Island is a large theme park located in the city of Mason, which is northeast of Cincinnati.

At around 3.30 p.m. local time, the roller coaster arrived in its station after completing its normal cycle. Ride operators then noticed an adult male passenger who appeared to be having trouble breathing and the park’s EMS staff was called and responded immediately. The passenger was immediately transported to Bethesda North Hospital, according to park spokesman Don Helbig.

“We’ve learned that unfortunately the guest passed away this evening,” Helbig said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time and all of us at Kings Island are deeply saddened.”

According to Helbig, the ride was operating normally when the incident happened and he said there is no reason to believe the roller coaster ride played a role in his passing.

Kings Island has voluntarily closed the ride and has notified the state of Ohio who will perform a re-inspection of the ride on Sunday morning as a precaution.

Fire Hawk opened at Kings Island in 2007 after being moved from Geauga Lake.  It is unfortunate to see an event happen as the park takes a big blow to it.  However to me, that the man had a pre-existing condition, as it is with most deaths on a coaster.  As he arrived in the station having trouble to breath, I would think that it is not completly the parks fault.   This death is another big blow to the park after Son of Beast, one of the parks other coasters closed due to an injury while riding.  Expect an investigation soon, and Park Thoughts will be there to report.

My condolences to the family.  Leave your comments and park thoughts.