Kennywood has long been dropping hints about a brand new attraction and has now been officially said they will be adding a new major attraction next year.  While they haven’t said what it is they did say:

…anyone who enjoys the roller coasters will be pleased.

Obviously, the park is likely to announce some sort of roller coaster.  One thing that Kennywood lacks however is a looping Steel Coaster.  After the park lost Steel Phantom and created Phantom’s Revenge, the park no longer has an inverting coaster.  So many enthusiast are hoping for a looping steel.

Some guests have pointed out that there are now markings on the rumored site of the new attraction; near the Turnpike and entrance.  While the markers apparently just showed up, this location has been long rumored.  Looks like we will have to wait and see.  To read the full story check it out here.

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