Today Kennywood finally announced there new attraction for next year; a 50 mph LSM Launched Premier Coaster.    Riders will be launced 0-50 mph in just 3 seconds before sky rocketing straight up towards the sky 95 feet.  From there, gravity brings them straight back down before they head into a an inverted top hat.  After the train will do a quick barrel roll behore twisting up into a mid course break run.

The train drops out of the break run at 90 degrees and then pulls into a fan curve, which leads to a corkscrew.  Finally the trail pulls through a zero gravity hill before winding through some twists and turns for the rides finale into the station.

The upcoming coaster will replace the turnpike however the park does have plans to bring it back in the near future.  Construction for the new coaster will begin after the final day for the turnpike August 16th, 2009.

An interesting note about the ride is there does not yet seem to be a name.

Get ready for some madness because this new thrill is opening just next year!  Check it out the video here!

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