Alright, I just discovered a website called Sporcle and they have some quizes that will totally prove if you are a coaster enthusiast or not.  Sporcle is a website filled with hundred of different quizes and they even have some on theme parks!  Alright here are a list of my favorites:

Can you name the Fastest Roller Coasters in North America?

This one was pretty easy for me.  Be sure though at the end to click “See Most Missed” to see what a majority of the people taking the quiz miss.

Can you name the parks with the most coasters?

Well, the locations make this one super easy but it is still fun to do.

Can you name the roller coasters at Cedar Point?

I admit, I had some trouble with this one.  It is hard to know all 17 when you haven’t ridden a single one.

Can you name the rides in Disneyland?

Yeah, I can!  I had a few brain dead moments, and a few spelling problems but I still completed it with ease.

Can you name the rides in Disney World?

I have done this one twice in the past week and haven’t yet completed it.  Still hard, only for the hard core fans.

So are you up for the challenge?  Post your results, comments and park thoughts.