Today, I found myself a shiny new toy.  When I went to, low and behold a brand spankin new website!  While I don’t know how long it has been up, lets take a tour of this fairly new website that seems to be quite nice.

The website design is basically the same as Cedar Point’s site.  However there are some very noticable differences.  But some of the great features of the new design is the news on the top right hand side, the scrolling pictures, and the much cleaner and organized tool bar.  From here you have access to anywhere in the site.

So one thing that makes this site not even comparable with Cedar Point’s is the lack of content.  Cedar Point has countless pictures, videos, and factoids about there different rides and attractions while Knotts has nada.  A very short description and that is it.  Really it is a shame that the park didn’t take the time to include some fun facts on this.

Another thing I wasn’t happy with was the ride ratings, they are completely over done.  Timberline Twister a 4?  Timber Mountain Log Ride  a5?  I mean c’mon this is a bit over the top.  Clearly the park has a few more things to work out, well atleast a few more things I hope they work out.

Atleast it is a new site.  I wonder if all the Cedar Fair sites are switching over to this design.  Thanks for reading, leave your comments and park thoughts.