Reports are coming in that Disneyland Park in Anaheim California just loss all power and currently all attractions are down.  Every attraction was indeed affected by the sudden loss of power and Disneyland is taking safety precautions by closing down everything.  No word yet on if Disney’s California Adventure was affected.

I feel terrified for those on Space Mountain, in pitch black darkness, stuck on the ride.  I assume Disneyland has some sort of generator in case of an event like such.

We will be here to report as the more information comes in.

Update (1:50): Disney’s California Adventure is also affected.  From what I have read, the only attractions that are open are Autopia, and 3 other attractions.   I would guess, the Storybook Canals would be another one open.

Update (2:45): Power is back up and all major attractions are back online.

Check back more for updates.