Alright, I think I found perhaps the worst dark ride of all time.  That’s right, it is worse then Monstars of Rock or any Six Flags Dark Ride ever made, this my friends is terrible.

Entitled Motor Mania this ride is absolutely anything but Mania.  Located at the new Nurburgring Racing Park in Germany, this slow moving dark ride takes you through “scenes” and rooms that deal with motor viechles.  When the video first started, I thought it was just taking you through the area and the little theming items in the path.  Nope, this is the ride.  While the vehicles are cool, by no means is the ride.

Huge helmets, tires and a steering wheel are in the main show room as you unbarably pass by different race car parts and what not.  One of the best parts of the ride is the non functioning TV Screens with some sort of malfunction from Windows (should have used a MAC).   In the final scene, creepy Race Driver figurines in a waiting room perhaps can be seen on display as you slowly pass by with a disfunctional screen of course in the center of it all.

With all of these spectacular elements, the entire ride is echoed by dinner jazz music in the back ground.  A good way to set the tone of the ride, dull, boring, and a good place to nap.

Really this is just a sad and pathetic ride, and makes Monstars of Rock look like Disney Quality.

What do you guys think?  I would really like to hear about this one.  Leave your comments and park thoughts.