Continuing with Today’s theme of lame things I went to Six Flags’ National Home Page and was happy to find this:

That’s right y’all, 50 Cent in da house!  This sure to be one g place August 28th.  All da gangsta’s will be under da roof.

Well atleast it is for a good benefit.  But yet again, Six Flags stoops lower and lower with there advertising.  As if putting ads on the sides of trains, putting countless signs up all over their parks, or covering every single stair way with ads isn’t enough.  They had to go this far with there ads and put a heading like that on there website.  I mean no offense by any means to 50 cent at all, as he is a respected, established artists with a large fan following, but does Six Flags really need a title like that?

Alright y’all, leave your park thoughts and comments, cause dat’s G.