Today King’s Dominion announced there new 2010 coaster: Intimidator 305.  At 305 feet tall, this nearly mile long coaster, will wind, jump, and maneuver through several turns and drops as it goes through.  Set to open in April 2010, this is sure to be one heck of a thrill.

Intimidator 305 will begin with a 45 degree, cable lift hill as it descends upward.  Slowly it begins its decent by dropping 85 degrees, over 300 feet, downward into a massive high speed turn.  This point of the ride will exceed 90 mph, making it one of the fastest coasters on the East Coast. The Dale Earnhardt themed train then makes its way up and over 6 airtime hills, 6 high speed turns, and 3 s-bends.

Intimidator 305 will be the second Giga coaster in North America, the only other being Millenium Force at Cedar Point.  Intimidator will cover over 5 acres, and is built by Intamin AG of Switzerland.

Check out the on ride video

This is exactly what I was hoping for.  I wanted to the now known Intimidator 305 to have a few high hills, before dropping below the tree line.  Intimidator 305 does exactly that with several high speed turns and smaller hills that will provide great floater airtime.  Not only that, but it seems to be a great addition to the skyline topping out at 305 feet, which is higher then nearly everything in the entire park.

One thing I noticed, that I found odd was the supports, or lack there of on the lift hill and drop.  Notice how there is only two, yeah that will be frightening however the track that we did see in the parking lot is similar to B&M track where it is so bulky that it is much stronger then other companies more flimsy track.

I am still confused by why they chose a new track design.  If it was for cheaper cost, improvement in terms of maintenance, or some other reason.  I don’t understand why they just didn’t go with the old 4 tie design.

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