All new for 2010, Planet Snoopy.  That is correct, Snoopy and Friends will be joining the Canada’s Wonderland family by taking over two children s areas to create one mega area.  Included will be 3 new rides, a new ice show, and the retheming of several rides and structures.  This comes as no surprise and expect too see a similar announcement for all of the former Paramount Parks in the coming weeks.

It has been expected for weeks that an announcement like so would be made due to the sale of all Nickelodean and Scooby Doo Merchandise.  Pictured above is a sign from California’s Great America, another former Paramount park and similar signs can be found across the country.  The next time I go to CGA, I will be sure to ask several employees about this new addition if was not already announced.

At first I thought that this would set back the CGA new woodie for 1 year as Planet Snoopy would be the new marketing campaign, however Planet Snoopy will surly be added to Kings Dominion and Carowinds and both of those parks are getting new coasters so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Cedar Point conducted a similar expansion in 2008 and you can expect the ones going to these parks to be very similar.  If you didn’t know, all of these rides are actually from Geauga Lake and were rethemed, a similar deal will happen with these others parks.  I expect several facade changes and a few new structures.  It will be very interesting to see how things play out as the Nickelodean and Hanna-Barbera areas take up around 20% of the park at California’s Great America so these changes will not be small by no means.

As the story develops, check back here for more updates.  Thanks for reading, leave your comments and park thoughts.