For those of you who wanted a preview of  Holiday Worlds upcoming water coaster Wildebeest take a look at a video that Proslide has created of their Rockets model.

Notice how smooth the ride is as it goes downhill it essientally goes uphill at nearly the same speed.  This provides for a consistant ride with minimal jerking and terrific speed.  So even though the water slide may be going for 2:30 minutes (thats right, a 210 second water slide) you are very unlikely to be pushed out of your raft because of the transition from downhill to uphill.

Wildebeest will offer a unique collection of turns, twists, hills and drops that will combine to make not only the worlds longest water coaster, but what I predict will be ther worlds best water coaster.  How fun can it be going up and down hill while getting drenches with water, going through dark tunnels, and riding with your friends or family?  Wildebeest is expected to open by Summer 2010.

Maybe it is worth the 4 hour flight out to Indiana to take a spin on this and the rest of the rides Holiday World has to offer.  Thanks for reading, leave your comments and park thoughts.