It appears that two websites for the Halloween Haunts have gone live: California’s Great America and Carowinds.  Lets take a look at this years Halloween Haunt at those two parks.

2009 will be be California’s Great America only 2nd year at running Halloween Haunt.  After being very succesful last year, this year the park added a few new additions that are sure to send chills down your spine as you make your way through these horrifying new additions.

As far as the mazes go, each maze will be returning with the addition of a new one: Toy Factory.  Similar to what I heard this year, the Doll Factory, Toy Factory is brand new and unique to California’s Great America.  It seems to be an interesting storyline as the park describes it like:

The maniacal factory workers are manufacturing a variety of disturbing new toys and novelty items for their demented amusement, using any part available, including human parts.  Buyers beware as your favorite toys have now been turned against you, or you’ve been turned into one of them.

Sounds like fun.  I will be sure to grab some pictures and video of my trips through this haunted house and maze.  So with the addition of that maze, it brings this years count up to 6:

  • CarnEvil
  • Were Wolf Canyon
  • Corn Stalkers
  • Toy Factory
  • Slaughter House
  • Club Blood

Unfortunately, there will be no new scare zones this year which is saddening to hear because they are probably my favorite part of the entire Haunt.  So that means that the returning 4 scare zones are:

  • The Gauntlet
  • Witch Doctor’s Trail
  • Dead Man’s Cove
  • Underworld Alley

4 Shows will be offered this year.  Only 1 show is returning with the other 3 being brand new.  The 4 shows are:

  • Ed Alonzo’s Pyscho Circus
  • Shocking Side Show of Freaks
  • Haunted Hypnotics
  • Bang! PrimEvil Precussion

So nothing to new this year however I am sure that Halloween Haunt at Great America will be just as fun as 2008.

Scarowinds has been running for 10 years now.  That is correct, 2009 will mark the 10 year of terror.  And this year will be one of the biggest, scariest years Carowinds, excuse me, Scarowinds has ever done.  It will feature 3 scare zones, 8 mazes, and a few shows.  A very good line up for a very popular event.

This years mazes include the addition of Camp KILLaUee and Silver Scream SINema.  Several other favorites will make return such as Final Summons, the Asylum, and Last Laff.  So this years maze line up looks like this:

  • Last Laff in 3D
  • Camp KILLaUee
  • Dead
  • Final Summons
  • Slaughter House
  • Corn Stalkers
  • Silver Scream SINema
  • The Asylum

In the Scare Zone we have 2 returning areas as well as a new addition.  With Scare Zones setting the tone for a theme park’s halloween event, I have no doubts that Scarowinds’ scare zones will be great as they usually are.  The scare zones are:

  • The Cemetery
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • The Playground

Unfortunately the shows page is not yet completed but expect some returning shows and some new shows.

So, once again it looks like another great year for Halloween events around the Cedar Fair Family of parks.  What do you think?  Thanks for reading leave your comments and park thoughts.