RCTLounge member “Spencer” took a recent visit to Busch Gardens Europe, in Williamsburg, Virginia and was kind enough to send us in his photos.   Busch Gardens Europe is going through an interesting year, with the addition of Sesame Place, the announcement of the removal of Big Bad Wolf, and with the upcoming Christmas Town event this winter.  Lets take a look:

Here you can see one of the parks 3 B&M, coasters, Alpengeist.  Themed to a Ski Lift gone horribly wrong, this is the tallest and fastest Inverted coaster in the world (Wicked Twister isn’t continuous, its a shuttle.)  Pictured above is a train hurtling out of the Immelmann element.  From what I have read, this part of the ride is very intense.

Next we have a very cool angle of Griffon.  Added in 2007, Griffon is only the second Dive Machine in America, and is the tallest and fastest Dive Machine in the world.  What you are looking at right now, is not actually a train in motion, but instead the car is stalled while facing straight down for several seconds.  These coasters look great and I would love to see one come out west.

Undoubtly, this photo is incredible.  It gives you a sense of how huge these two coasters are, and how densly forested the park is.  You can see 3 coasters in this picture, Alpengeist, with the unusal box like supports themed to match a ski lift, Griffon, the massive 200+ coaster that towers over the park, and in the very back is a shot of Loch Ness Monsters lift hill.

Griffon is a unique floorless Dive coaster.  When the designers decided to incorporate extra seats into the new generation Dive Machine trains, the trains became to heavy, as a result, the floor was dropped to reduce weight and aadd in an extra thrill factor.  A great way to solve a problem if you ask me.

After the train passes through the second immelmann, it goes over a small hill and into a splash down.  Not only does it slow down the train, but it also provides a splash area that can get guests wet if they would like.  This shows yet again how the designers took common problems and corrected them by not just using typical methods, but instead creating a technique that would solve the problem and make the expierence better.

Without a doubt, the front row is much better in this ride due to the views, however the back still does pull harder G-Forces due to the faster speed of going through the elements.  Griffon probably has the most unique coaster trains in the world if you ask me.

Busch Gardens Europe also features a great array of animals and shows.  These provide thrills for the adults and teens, but still alot of things to do for younger children and those who do not want to ride the massive coasters.

A magesitc bald eagle perched on a tree looks out into “The Gardens.”   Yet again, great landscaping and animals, create a natural beauty in this park that is rarely matched.

Hidden beneath the dense forest is the Loch Ness Monster.  A massive Arrow looping coaster that is the only still standing roller coaster that features interlocking loops.

Busch Gardens offers spectacular theming and Escape from Pompeii is no different.  While the ride may look typical, it takes you through detailed sets and offers an expierence as appose to a ride.  The finale of your journey is this plummet to the bottom.

Every one ducks in fear of the surrounding ashes…er…water.  I still find it odd that people duck on a water ride.  However, again this is yet another incredible ride at Busch Gardens Europe.

Thats it for the pictures.  Busch Gardens Europe is not only filled with World Class coasters but it also offers beautiful landscaping and incredible adventures that no other theme park can provide.  Thanks for reading, leave your comments and park thoughts.