Its official, California’s Great America, quietly broke the news on its event page that they will be adding Planet Snoopy in 2010.  Opening in March, I assume opening day, the entire Nickelodean Central and Hanna-Barbera area will be transformed or Snoopyfied into a great new childrens land that features all of your favorite Charlie Brown Characters.

Unfortunately the park didn’t release any details on what the area will feature.  But seeing that this will take up a huge space in the park (I’d say a good 20%) this will be no small task.

I find it very interesting that the park did not put this on the main page as they did with Fire Fall and other previous additions.  Instead they kept it quiet.  Because of the quiet announcement, I believe that California’s Great America has bigger plans, maybe like a GCI Wooden Coaster) that will serve as the main marketing purpose for this year.  Lets hope.

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