Recently, while looking through some old trip reports on the Park Thoughts section of the RCTLounge forums, I found yet another incredible photo trip report from our master of photography/web designer Doug.  Earlier this year he attended Nickelodean Universe and captured the essence of the park with in his still images.

Nickelodean Universe opened last year, 2008, however its roots are much deeper.  It was actually an existing park called Camp Snoopy that featured several different snoopy and forest themed attractions.  In March of 2008 though, a massive transformation was made in creating Nickelodean Universe, by retheming the rides, adding new additions, and basically, redesigning the park.  All of this lead, to eventually a much more popular park.

One of the newa dditions in the transformation was Avatar Airbender.  A Intamin Half Pipe that uses LSMs, which are ultra strong magnets, to propel the coaster back and forth through the upsidedown horse shoe shape, almost reaching the glass roof top!

A close up of Fairly Odd Coaster, themed to the hit show, Fairly Odd Parents.  This wacky indoor spinning coaster was actually part of the original Camp Snoopy park.  Its previous name was Timberland Twister.

Here is yet another amazing close up of one of the LSMs that power Avatar Airbender.  Notice the labeling.  I am so happy that Doug has such an excellent eye for the little details like this that make his photos unique and beautiful.

A crazy shot of one twisted coaster, Spongebob Square Pant’s Rock Bottom plunge is a high speed roller coaster called the Euro Fighter.  This angle gives you a look at one of the funky supports that hold up the ride track that the cars whip around.

The signature element of Rock Bottom Plunge, and all Euro Fighters is the beyond vertical drop element.  The train climbs a tower before cresting the structure and dropping straight down, no beyond straight down before entering an exciting layout full of inversions, twists, and often airtime.

Unfortunately, that concludes the Nickelodeon Universe pictures, I wish there was more.  So thanks to Doug for consistantly taking wonderful pictures, leave your comments and park thoughts!