So a few years ago while on YouTube I found an incredible pair of stuntmen.  However these were not your ordinary stunt junkies, these two did jumps, flips, and tricks on water slides!

These two are very brave and crazy for doing some of the tricks they do.  If you check out the video at 0:16, I have to say that is an astonishing feat, and makes me terrified to ride a water slide for some reason.  I don’t have the courage or physical capability to do a flip like that.

I find it hilarious on how the commentator states that the wet suites “Protect them from injury.”  So if one were to fall of the slide the wet suite would save them, of course!

I wonder if these two are still performing around the world?  If anyone has any information about the dynamic duo please tell me!  What do you think of them, leave your comments and park thoughts.