Cedar Point has been having alot of fun with toying with their massive fan base.  It is probably very smart of them to do all these mind games as it throws all internet rumors off track.  Which has been done incredibly well, so lets see what the park has hinted over the past weeks and see what it might mean.

“Cedar Point is not building an S&S, a B&M, a Grav. Group, a Mack, or a Gerstlauer.”  This is probably the only helpful hint out of all of them.  The only major companies left are Great Coasters International (GCI), Vekoma, and Intamin.  The park has a terrific history with Intamin with most of there most recent coasters being Intamin’s so I feel it is most likely.

“Two down…one to go.”  So does this relate to announcements?  Recently Cedar Fair has announced 2 coasters, Intimidator and Intimidator 305, so does that mean that there will only be one more coaster for 2010 in all of Cedar Fair?  Perhaps it means there is a third Intimidator on its way to Cedar Point?  Or maybe I am totally off and this actually has no true meaning.

Cedar Point has also been toying heavily with the name “White Lightnin'” which was originally thought to be the name of the Intimidator coaster for Carowinds.  It appears that White Lightnin’ or whatever the name ends up being will have a hillbilly/western theme.  Rumors currently state it will be an Intamin log flume, how interesting is that?

What do you think the new Cedar Point addition will be?