Well it is official, Planet Snoopy has been announced for all 5 former Paramount Parks.  Each park has announced it on there website, besides Kings Island who announced, then removed it from their website a few days later.  So why is Cedar Fair spending all of this money on there parks to retheme large areas?  Royalty fees.

Nickelodeon Central and Hannah Barbera Land each hold massive Royalty fees so that the parks can incorporate their characters.  However since it is a tough time for theme parks, Cedar Fair decided to cut these two price tags out of their budget.  While it may be a good short term solution that will bring families into the park, in the long run, kids will associate Snoopy with the park that he is in, because Snoopy doesn’t exactly come one TV anymore.

Is this bad?  Perhaps.  I do feel Nickelodeon Characters are far more known with young children these days and several kids will think of Snoopy as a “new” character.  But honestly, I don’t understand why Cedar Fair doesn’t just do that.  Create their own small cast of characters that would not require any royalty fees and if well developed can be very relatable to children and introduced right away and be recognized.  Sx Flags Discovery Kingdom has done it with a number of their animals, Holiday World has done, and Tokyo DisneySea’s most popular character isn’t even from a Disney movie or show, he is a stuffed animal!

Well none the less, we will be seeing alot of construction in these parks as they remove, repaint, and build new items that will (hopefully) tie Planet Snoopy together as a cohesive land.

Leave your comments and park thoughts.