Finally, after months of set backs the new Fantasmic Dragon is ready to debut.  Disney has released video of the incredible new dragon for Fantasmic!  This 40 feet animatronic (or is a puppetronic?  I am not sure) has been a major hassle for the designers at Disney.  The dragon, dubbed “Murphy” on several internet sites, was the focal point of the massive marketing campaign for the Summer Nightastic.  While Disney hasn’t released details on exactly how it broke, websites claim that while in rehearsal the computers crashed on Disney and they sent several people running to go shut off the valves that control the dragon, however by that time it was too late and collapsed on itself.  However it is designed to collapse to prevent injury on any other performers.  Finally Murphy has been through full run throughs and is almost ready to go!

So the big question is, Is Murphy worth the wait?  Is this new beast big enough to live up to its hype and long delays?  My answer in short, yes!  It looks spectacular and is a major addition to Fantasmic that looks incredibly good!  Great job to Disney and can’t wait to see this guy up and running.

Unfortunately Disney said that the dragon will not make his debut tonight, contrary to website predictions.  So we will just have to wait and see.

So what do you think?  Leave your park thoughts and coments?