Six Flags Fiesta Texas looks gorgeous and perhaps one of the most unique Six Flags’ in the entire country.  One interesting note about it is that it is the only park in the entire Six Flags Chain that has a B&M Invert that is not themed to Batman (cool yet pathetic).  However this still features the same layout, which is unfortunate but the layout is a great one.

In April of 2008, Fiesta Texas opened up a Goliath of a coaster.  Goliath is a very odd coaster because it shares the layout of the Batman clones and the name of two Mega Coasters.  However, these two combined fit perfectly.  The bright blue and yellow make the coaster stand out against the rest of the skyline.  While I haven’t ridden Goliath, I have ridden Batman at Six Flags Magic Mountain and will say that it is an extremly forceful ride, so I am sure this clone is no different.

What I think make Six Flags Fiesta Texas so unique in my eyes is because it seems much more well rounded compared to the other Six Flags parks.  It offers a dark ride, a Wiggles World, and a few thrill coasters.  But I am sorry, quality over quanity.  I rather have three super amazing 150 ft coasters instead of  a bunch of 200 ft mediocre coasters.

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So what do you think of Goliath?  Leave your comments and park thoughts.