Today Cedar Point announced their new addition for this year: Shoot the Rapids.  This new Intamin Water ride will feature a 2,100 ft trip that includes 2 incline lifts, 2 drops, and 728,000 gallons of rushing waters.  Cedar Points new addition will go onto Millenium Island before going back off the island to return to the station.

The wild river adventure will sure to be fun for all.  Families will have the oppurtunity to board one of ten (yes 10) boats each cabable of carrying 10 people.  On the three minute voyage, guests and their rafts will climb a 25 degree lift hill before dropping 45 degrees onto Millenium Island.  From here they take a short tour of the island and cresting a second, smaller lift hill and dropping again into a dramatic gushing water finale with rapids.

What do you think of this new addition?  Worth the hype?  Leave your comments and park thoughts!