If you haven’t already noticed, I am a sucker for a good parade.  Maybe it is the fact that I grew up watching all sorts of shows and parades at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  But anyways, I finally got around to watching a full video of the Glow in the Park Parade and I am impressed.

I must say, based on Six Flag’s track record of past parades, I was not expecting much 2 years ago when this was announced, but it is pretty good.  The begging parts are without a doubt the best.  The original score and the non characters floats are the best.  I love the dragon, the frog, and the queen type thing.  For the company who made this, I really can’t say to many bad things, my only complaint is the ending.  Looney Toons as the ending doesn’t seem very fitting for me.  I would have much rather had the Dragon as the ending.

What do you think of the glow in the park parade?  Leave your comments and park thoughts below!