Ring Racer had a lot of fuss this and last year. Breaking the speed record at 135mph or 217km, is pretty impressive. The coaster launches you at its top speed of 135mph in 2.7 seconds. Making it one of the fastest accelerating coasters in the world!

Ring Racer (ring°racer) is an S&S thrust air coaster. The coaster is located on the race tracks of Nürburgring, Germany. The coaster’s main purpose was to give the feeling to its riders the feeling of going the same speed as a race car driver would. This is what the coaster definitely offers.

Many people have been hating this coaster because it slows down before going into it’s hammer-head type element. A lot of the public on coaster fan sites were saying they would have liked this coaster to also break the height record, not just the speed. But what I have to say is that the coaster’s main purpose was speed, like I stated above. What was also a shocker that Intamin was not brought into this to make a record speed breaking coaster. Nürburgring called S&S instead, with it’s very car-like dragster style trains.

My opinion on the ride is that I love how this is different then many coasters. In the video, it shows you how the coaster goes over some type of mid-way, which is a very unique element and touch to the coaster. And the layout is very different then previous coaster, even previous S&S coasters. Although it does slow down before the hammer-head element, it still goes through it at quite some speed!

What are your thoughts on this coaster before it was built and after it was built? I gave mine so please share yours in a comment with your park thoughts below.