What some call Japan’s “Six Flags Magic Mountain” is Fuji-Q-Highland.  This park features numerous world class thrill rides and a stunning skyline that consists of roller coasters, buildings, and Mount Fuji.   Fuji-Q-Highland is known for several of its unique coasters; Dodonpa is an S&S Air Thrust coaster, Eejaniaka is only the 2nd 4D S&S coaster, and the parks main attraction is Fujiyama, a Togo Hyper coaster.

Fujiyama stnads at about 260 feet, making it a contender for one of the worlds tallest rides.  Built by Togo, this mega coasters consists of drops, high speeds, and turns in the over 6,000 feet of track.  Approaching speeds of 80 mph, it is no wonder why Fujiyama is so popular at the park.  If you drive to Fuji-Q, be sure to look out because this steel beast is looming right next to the park lot.

Image from CoasterGallery.com

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