Thorpe Park has been under alot of scutiny for its “Say no to BO Campaign” preventing riders from putting their arms up on rides.  Now, Thorpe Park strikes again by modifying its Queue Estimation Time system.

From member: Koolkid.

The park has often recieved complaints about how poorly designed the queue times posted on the boards are, as a result, recently the park changed their policiy from instead putting an estimated time, to instead marking the line as either a 1 (0-30 minute wait), 2 (30-60 minute wai) or 3 (60+ minute wait).

Unforutnately, I don’t think that this will fix the problem the slightest bit.  While I do think Thorpe Park is great with its ride selection, I just feel that some of their new polocies are well….horrible.  This is really bad, adn it is unforunate that the park opted out for this instead of correcting the problem.

What do you think of Thorpe Park’s latest move?  Like it?  Don’t like it?