In the hot deserts of Las Vegas, lies a massive steel monster.  Standing at over 200 feet, this coaster sends you plummeting downward into a mind blowing tunnel before sky rocketing upward.  From here the ride goes through many twists that will send you to the edge of insanity.  Desperado is the name, and scaring the pants off you is it’s game.

Opened in 1994, this new coaster put the Buffalo Bill Resort and Casino on the map.  For a while it was in the top 10 for fastest and tallest coaster in the world.  Not to mention longest, at more then a mile long with 5843 feet of track.

From BadgerBerrets photo stream.

From BadgerBerret's photo stream.

Desperado begins with a huge lift hill that gives you a inspiring view of the natural landscape in the barren sun.  Before you know it, you are heading down a 60 degree, 225 foot drop into a long tunnel.  The train jerks upward as you rise into the scorching sun right before entering a large twisted mess of the ride.  Desperado whips around several turns and twists before making bunny hops towards the mid course break run.

Once at the mid course break run, the train slows down quite a bit and makes a few dips over the parking lot.  It winds in and out of the resort’s log flume mountain as it travels through a helix.  Finally it shoots up an incline into the final break run.

Well what can I say about Desperado?  It is fast!  I got a fly caught in my mouth the second time I rode this sucker.  It is on the rough side for those of you who are terrified of rough coasters but the speed is pretty spectacular.

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