Dorney Park, in an annual event run by the Lehigh Valley Health Network, offered its parking lot for a free drive-through flu shot clinic this past Saturday, November 7th. All of the public was welcomed to attend, no matter what age they were. This was not an H1N1 vaccine clinic, rather just a typical influenza shot clinic. Nearly 10,000 people showed up to get shots, backing up traffic for miles all the way to the interstate.

It should be noted that the shots were given out by trained workers from the Lehigh Valley Health Network, not Dorney Park or parent company Cedar Fair. Only the parking lot was used for the clinic, as the park closed for the season the previous Sunday.

It’s great to see Dorney Park has continually offered their huge parking lot to help the public stay healthy. Do you think more parks should offer their immense parking lots to health care providers to give out flu shots? Leave your park thoughts!